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The story of our ecological

bed & breakfast

Once upon a time...

... my father, Arthur Boisvert, wanted a place to spend time with family. He bought a piece of land in 1949. He hoped that from a stream he could dig into a pond. He temporarily diverted the stream, he built a dam and when he put the stream back in its course, he flooded, to his surprise, the surrounding land, which gave the current lake. And of course, he had to buy the neighbors' land at full price.


With my mother Alma, we came to the lake every summer. For me, Guy, the youngest of 14 children, it was important that the land remains in the family, so, with my wife Chantal, we bought the land from the family in 2010.

I am from Cookshire-Eaton and Chantal is from Sherbrooke. We lived 32 years in Laval with our three daughters: Audrey, Stéphanie and Justine. Our dream was to come back to live in Eastern Townships.  When our youngest moved into an apartment, we decided to build our house in the countryside and move there.

Nature, environment, country air ...

Our priority was to build our house with ecological solutions and then came the idea of ​​making it into a Bed & Breakfast.

That’s why the house faces due south with huge windows to heat the house in winter. Triple glazing was installed on the north side of the house in addition to installing insulation beyond standards. We are proud of our magnificent high-performance, low-pollution mass fireplace. We also researched the winds to maximize coolness during the summer.

Also, it is important for both of us to encourage local artisans and to recycle materials to give them a second life. For example, the cedar siding was purchased from La Patrie and the century-old doors come from Bury and Cookshire. In addition, we made the kitchen cabinet frames from recycled materials. Finally, we designed our moldings and furniture from the red pine plantation that Arthur planted in the early 1950s.

Lots of love, time, family and friends to help!

Our pleasure is to share this little paradise!

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